Human Biologist at the Extremes

Mallika has a BS in Evolutionary Anthropology and Psychology from the University of Michigan and completed her PhD in Anthropology with a specialization in Human Biology at the University of Notre Dame. For her PhD work, she studied bio-behavioral changes during acclimatization to extreme environments. Her graduate research specifically looked at neuroendocrine systems, metabolic/energetic physiology, environmental signals, and social dynamics in extreme settings. She has worked in remote field sites including the Himalayas, the Central Congo Basin, and the American Rocky Mountains.

She currently is an NIH trainee and postdoctoral research fellow in the Human Spaceflight Lab at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine working on projects assessing stress response, neurovestibular adaptation, and integrated multi-system physiology with applications to clinical settings and the spaceflight environment.

Mallika is also a student pilot, Indian classical dancer, olympic weightlifter, and enjoys traveling to and spending time in extreme environments just for fun.

Click here for the full CV.

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